All the work undertaken at Balmitra Foundation is in 'project' form. We ensure that everyone then works as per the following protocol; 

Project Guidelines: Balmitra Foundation follows stringent guidelines while evaluating any project proposal - irrespective of proposer (Directors, friends, external sources). The same are given below for your perusal. 

[A] Degree of Impact: We are primarily interested in high impact projects ( not to be confused with high publicity!).  Basically the nature of the work must be complex and require highly skilled professionals and the successful completion of the project should provide the beneficiaries with demonstrable positive results. For example; in our pilot project involving the pediatric surgical treatement of the UDT cases, the patient and family have been rid of most, if not all of the complications normally seen in UDT cases (barring unforeseen circumstances).
[B] Detailed Implementation Plan: Each project proposal should also mention the detailed implementation plan. It is not enough to have good intentions. The Balmitra Foundation looks for actual details of the implementation. 
For example;
1) Who is going to lead the project? 
2) What is the timeframe of the project and who will play the role of auditor/monitor?  
3) What are the expected costs/funding requirement of the project? How will it be met?
4) Who are the service providers for parts of the project? (Teachers/volunteers, doctors/surgeons, etc. depending on whether its medical or educational project)
5) Are the service providers working on a pro-bono or discounted basis?
6) Will there be need for extra hands/coordinators?
7) What is the format of documents used to capture data of the project? (forms, cards, databases,spreadsheets, photos)
8) What kind of review procedures might be needed during the project? 
9) Documentation of lessons learned to ensure future projects can benefit from this experience

[C] Quality of Service (QOS): The idea is to ensure that we maintain a high level of quality across all our projects 
For example, in our healthcare projects ;
a) We use Sevofluran as inhalation anesthesia, propofol as IV induction anesthesia and other disposables, suture materials (from J & J) and injectibles from reputed companies only.
b) Round the clock trained personnel to take care of pre-operative and post-operative needs of patients.
c) Adhere to high quality standards to ensure utmost patient relief and speedy recovery.
d) Cost rationalization by getting the Pharmacists and other service providers to join hands with us.

For example, in our education projects;
a) We provide latest computers and use LCD projectors to provide cutting edge interactive learning sessions
b) Lead project manager has all the necessary qualifications to provide the students with world class examples of the topic on hand
c) Emphasis is laid on practical work rather than rote learning thereby enhancing the retention capability of all that is taught and demonstrated in each session

Working Style