Education initiatives @ Balmitra

PRACTICAL COMPUTING PROGRAM: The current state of computer education in schools/hostels with attendees from needy background leaves a lot to be desired. Poorly equipped computer labs, emphasis on theoritical/rote learning and absence of holistic learning program are all common issues. It's no wonder then that when children graduate from such schools/hostels ( if they do not dropout first!) they do not even possess the bare minimum computing skills required of an entry level office assistant position.

Balmitra steps in by helping setup a computer lab at such schools/hostels and conduct practical learning sessions 3 times/week in order to ensure that each attendee can fulfill the job requirements of an entry level office assistant position at the very least. We are also on the lookout for outstanding learners from each batch who may have a future in Information Technology and will strive to provide optimum resources and backing to such learners.